Red Anvil Forge

Red Anvil Forge


What is made at Red Anvil Forge?

Detail from a garden gate - Leeks in flower
Detail from a garden gate - Leeks in flower

Red Anvil Forge is about excellence.

The commissions which are designed and made in Devon, at Red Anvil Forge, reflect the needs of modern day British society.  

The accent is on quality and suitability of purpose.  Great care is taken to create designs that reflect the built environment, with the location of the work being of importance when designing.

Strength, visually and physically, together with maintenance as a factor, are all considerations highly valued at Red Anvil Forge.

Commissions generally undertaken are varied in size, subject and content.  Recent commissions completed at Red Anvil Forge include lighting, a feature balcony, gates, fireside components and garden sculpture.

The present work in progress includes a circular stair, gates and railings.

Images of completed commissions can be accessed through Instagram, (@redanvilforge) and Flickr at Richard Bent.
Richard Bent FWCB